The Institut Català del Peu has developed a new project about functional assessment and sports technique assessment for high performance sportsmen and also for future sportsmen with a high performance, virtually of any kind of sport.

This Project is carried out by experts of all professional disciplines who get involved in the high performance sport. Among them, there are federations, clubs, physiotherapists, coaches, trainers and our biomechanical staff. All of them act in unison about this subject, in order to assess the functional state of the sportsman/sportswoman by one hand, and the technical execution of technical gestures which will be appropriate, by the other hand.

This biomechanical Project is carried out with the best technology in the market of 3D photogrammetry and surface muscular electromyography, together with other tools which make possible to assess the sportsman in different situations, as well as the suitable set of instruments for the functional assessment.

The 3D photogrammetry allows us the movement capture in real time and to achieve kinematic parameters, like angles, accelerations and segments speeds, to calculate articular centers, center of gravity, to obtain coordinates of anatomical points, to calculate temporary-space parameters, like resting times and movements executions times, to make statistical calculus, like typical deviations and arithmetic means of obtained data.

The muscular electromyography measures the muscular activity in an integrated and synchronized way with the movement capture in real time by 3D photogrammetry, allowing us to know how this activity and importance is, regarding the rest of all the measured parameters.

Finally, we contributed with very important data shared among all the staff, contributing a report with detailed aspects to improve of every sportsman from each professional’s point of view. Thus, we guarantee the sportsman/sportswoman and the professionals who work with them to be able to do an appropriate prevention task, which improvements should be

carried out at a functional level if they take part in the technique and aspects to improve and also how about the technique.

The way of working with sportsmen/sportswomen is constant during the season and also specific against possible lesions.

At the beginning of the season when the sportsman/sportswoman has no lesion, we carry out a first functional and biomechanical assessment of the timely technical gestures. We make such report and we carry out assessments from time to time, according to the advisability of the whole staff who work with the sportsman/sportswoman.

In case there is a lesion, it is commenced a specific monitoring program during the readjustment process of the lesion until the complete recovery of the sportsman/sportswoman, where we will make sure that the sportsman/sportswoman is totally recovered from the lesion at a functional level and that technically it will be reflected like that.

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