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Hallux flexus: causes, clinical history and treatment

Hallux flexus is an anomaly of the big toe that causes an elevation of the head of the first metatarsal and a plantarflexion of the proximal phalanx. Structurally the metatarsophalangeal joint adopts a certain degree of dorsiflexion while the interphalangeal joint forms a plantarflexion to compensate. This deformity of the first radius is accompanied by […]

Elephantiasis or Chronic lymphatic filariasis

Elephantiasis is a syndrome mainly caused by hypertrophy of the lower extremities and external genitalia. It has its etiology in repetitive inflammatory diseases with obstruction of the lymphatic vessels and very specifically in filarial parasitic infections. Elephantiasis is a tropical skin disease caused by Wuchereria bancrofti type parasites. Transmission is due to the bite of […]

Application of neuromuscular bandages in the lower extremity

The neuromuscular bandage, also known as kynesiotape (among other names), was invented in the early 1970s by the Doctor Kenzo Kasai. The use of these bandages by top class sportsmen in the last years has had an effect on the media being used as a result of it by sportsmen of all categories. Nowadays, neuromuscular […]