The Institut Català del Peu steps forward in order to revolutionize the field of the sporting biomechanics in Barcelona. The biomechanical staff of the Institut is making progress day by day with the sporting biomechanical plan, Fitmetric. After nearly these 3 years of hard work developing this plan, it has been shaping step by step. Since one year ago, the plan is called Fitmetric in order to distinguish it from the podiatric biomechanical services which the Institut already offers.

Fitmetric was born with the aim of providing a service to sportsmen, sportswomen, trainers and physiotherapists through the results of the biomechanical studies which we carry out. When a sportsman or sportswoman doesn’t improve technically of suffers a relapse every time, a biomechanical study can clarify which the reasons are by which there are technical faults or there are faults which lead to a lesion.

We have still been working to find the way which will help the most the professionals through our work. It is about a specific training in the work which we conduct through our tools of biomechanical analysis and other complementary tools like the electromyography or tools of strength analysis and also about our software or reports carrying out. The objective is to approach our service as maximum as possible to those professionals in the health field and the performance who will be interested in biomechanics. Therefore, our work is becoming much more nearby and linked with professionals, existing and exceptional change. From these trainings, those professionals who will train will be the real figures of this process of being professionals of biomechanics, being the persons responsible of the reports carrying out through our software of the reports carrying out. Thus, professionals are the figures in the process of shaping the results from their knowledge in biomechanics.

We are working in parallel in order to create synergies  among the different professionals, to create debates, to share cases, to create spreading and to learn everything from everybody. We are sure it will be a very important step forward which is going to revolutionize the sporting biomechanics in Barcelona. We are always saying that what we do it must be completely

understood by the professionals in the health field and the performance and that they are the real figures to make to move forward their sportsmen and sportswomen through this knowledge about the obtained results in a biomechanical study.

The first year is the level 1 course: Introduction to the technologies of biomechanical analysis and interpretation of results. The second year will be level 2 course: Carrying out of biomechanical reports.

In the level 1 course, other professionals take part, like the Biomechanics Department from the University of Extremadura, the Association of Strength Measuring Software Creation, Chronojump and the Sporting Readjustment Company, Tecnirunner.

The courses will be available from September 2021. The level 1 course will be available online and it is designed to professionals in the health field and the performance and it doesn’t matter where you live. The level 2 course which will be about the use of software, will be semi face-to-face, most of time online and it is especially designed to professionals in the health field and the performance who will live in Barcelona or the surrounding area.

We are very pleased with this new orientation of the plan, we have also been very much supported by our current collaborators who have committed themselves to biomechanics like an essential service to professionals in the health field and the performance who struggle every day for the dreams and aims of their sportsmen and sportswomen.

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