Governance of the Institute:

We adoptthe criteriaof CorporateSocialResponsibility (CSR) in the daily managementof the Institute. Wetake fullresponsibility forour impact. Our policies incorporate concern for society, the environment, professional ethics (Code of Ethics), information transparencyandrespect forhuman rights.

Sustainability & CSR

Areas where CSR is applied:

We wish to engage in good communicationand an ongoing dialoguewith our customersin order toascertain their degree ofsatisfactionwhich will helpus to improveday by dayso as to ensure thehealth, safety andquality of our services.

We believe it ismost important for us to connect withthe environment inwhich we carry out our activity. That is whywe have consideredofferingour facilitiesto undertake knowledge development programmesfor both professionals(specialised courses) and society(free workshops to spreadtheimportance of caringforour feet)

We wish to identify opportunitiesfor partnershipswith other organizations and/or businesses,entrepreneursand universities topromotehuman developmentbased on knowledgeofthe importance offoot healthand its impact.

We would like to set up fair prices for our services.

The Environment
We wish, thoughour commitmentand involvement in thecare of the environment, to set up mechanisms within the Institute to optimise natural resources:
– Mechanisms to optimise the consumption of light and water.
– Mechanisms to manage waste.

1987 Brundtland, “Our Common Future” report defined the word sustainability.

Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.